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Children2Children (C2C) Initiative: Empowering Through Unity

The Children2Children (C2C) initiative is a transformative community project under the Pens Up Canes Down movement. Born out of a commitment to unite children in addressing violence within schools, homes, and communities, C2C leverages the power of technology to foster a sense of solidarity among adolescents.


  1. Unity Against Violence: C2C brings together young minds with the common goal of combating violence through collective action.

  2. Free ICT Education: As a cornerstone of empowerment, the initiative provides free Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education to adolescent boys and girls.

  3. Addressing Real Issues: Through technology-driven discussions and interviews, C2C tackles pressing issues such as corporal punishment, bullying, sexual harassment, intellectual punishment, emotional abuse, neglect, and the rights and responsibilities of children.

Impactful Stories:

  • Watch here as children share their experiences and insights within the C2C community support group.

  • Gain inspiration from this video showcasing the positive influence of C2C on the lives of young participants.

C2C stands as a beacon of empowerment, encouraging children to embrace their collective voice, stand against violence, and pave the way for a brighter future.

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