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empowering Youth through Computer Literacy at C2C Computer Lab, Lungi Town

In a heartening celebration of progress and empowerment, the C2C Computer Lab at Water Works, Kagbatama Road, Lungi Town, reached a significant milestone. Thirty-two bright adolescent boys and girls graduated from the Introduction to Computer and MS Word program, marking another successful step towards digital literacy in an area where such opportunities are rare.


Running such programs for free in remote villages presents a unique set of challenges. Imagine a place without electricity, let alone solar power. Picture communities where poverty weighs heavily on parents, and children face hurdles like long distances to travel and domestic responsibilities. In such circumstances, the journey to acquiring computer skills becomes an uphill battle. Yet, the team at C2C persevered, recognizing the transformative power of digital literacy.


The recent graduation ceremony was graced by Saffiatu Barrie, the Head of C2C at the Future Leaders Initiative SL, who commended the dedication of both students and educators. The joy and pride radiating from parents were palpable as they witnessed their children mastering skills they themselves never had the chance to learn at that age. Education sessions for parents about the importance of digital literacy further emphasized the holistic impact of the program.


Computer education is not just a tool for the future; it's a necessity in today's workplaces. As industries evolve in the digital age, proficiency in technology becomes non-negotiable. The C2C Computer Lab understands this urgency and is committed to bridging the digital divide.


Looking ahead, the global goal of impacting 3,072 lives by 2030 remains a beacon of hope. With 106 lives already touched since 2022, the momentum is building. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of Professor Lucien Lombardo, whose belief in the initiative has been a driving force from day one.


But the journey is far from over. There are still many more lives waiting to be transformed. If you can lend a hand, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, you can help pave the way for a brighter, digitally inclusive future. Together, let's continue to empower communities through education and opportunity.

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