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Celebrating Saffiatu Barrie: A Giving Joy Grant Recipient

We are thrilled to announce that Saffiatu Barrie has been selected as one of the recipients of the prestigious Giving Joy grant for her outstanding project, FilmFemmes. Out of 4,119 participants from over 70 countries, Saffiatu emerged as one of the winners, showcasing the excellence and impact of her initiative.

Saffiatu Barrie is a high schooler, passionate child rights advocate and head of the Children-2-Children (C2C) community support group at the Future Leaders Initiative SL in Sierra Leone. C2C unites children to combat violence and provides free ICT education to boys and girls aged 10-19.

FilmFemmes is a groundbreaking project dedicated to empowering women through film and video editing skills using Adobe software. With a focus on addressing pressing social concerns, Saffiatu's initiative aims to craft compelling content that amplifies women's voices and drives positive change in communities.

Giving Joy, a 501(c)(3) Massachusetts-based nonprofit founded by Joy Kolin, has played a pivotal role in supporting women's entrepreneurship worldwide. With 20 years of experience in international development spanning over 70 countries, Joy Kolin's vision has empowered countless individuals to pursue their dreams.

This activity holds the promise of directly impacting 10 women and girls, with a broader vision of reaching every girl in Saffiatu's community who is interested in filmmaking. Through this endeavor, she envisions a lasting transformative impact that empowers women to tell their stories and advocate for social change.

Join us in congratulating Saffiatu Barrie on this remarkable achievement and in celebrating her dedication to empowering women through the art of filmmaking. For more information and to view the list of current global grant recipients, please visit [Giving Joy Grants](

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