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Celebrating Success: World Children's Day 2023 Highlights

We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of Future Leaders Initiative SL's World Children's Day event on November 20, 2023. Under the theme "Dignity and Inclusive Education for Every Child," the event showcased profound discussions and insights from distinguished speakers, leaving an indelible impact on all participants.

Memunatu Jalloh's Stirring Address: Memunatu Jalloh, a beneficiary of the Children2Children computer lab, addressed the critical issue of dignity in education. She emphasized the global challenge where not every child is fortunate enough to have their dignity safeguarded in schools and communities. Memunatu passionately urged collective commitment to redefine the narrative, ensuring a secure, respectful, and nurturing educational environment for every child.

Saffiatu Barrie's Visionary Welcome: Saffiatu Barrie, Head of C2C, set the tone with a warm welcome, emphasizing the event's significance. She highlighted the profound impact of fostering an educational environment that values and respects each child's unique qualities. Saffiatu envisioned a world where every child's dignity is sacrosanct and called on everyone to join in this transformative vision.

Ruth Mariatu Kargbo's Thoughtful Insights: Ruth Mariatu Kargbo, Board Chair and Maternal and Child Health Program Manager at FLI SL, unveiled the profound theme of the event – uplifting dignity and supporting well-being in schools. She emphasized the intrinsic link between knowledge and dignity, calling for an environment where each child feels valued, respected, and free from discrimination or harm.

Ibrahim S. Bangura's Resilient Journey: Ibrahim S. Bangura, Founder and CEO, shared his personal journey, declaring, "I stand here today not as a victim of all forms of violence anymore but as a brave survivor of such challenges." He emphasized the urgent need to prioritize children's welfare, challenging educators, parents, and policymakers to be guardians and champions of children's rights.

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Thank you for being an essential part of this transformative journey.

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