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Empowering the Future: Transformative Initiatives by Future Leaders Initiative SL

At Future Leaders Initiative SL, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to education, empowerment, and ending violence against children in Sierra Leone. Over the past year, our groundbreaking initiative, #PensUpCanesDown, has seen remarkable success, and we're excited to share our journey with you.

C2C Empowers Vulnerable Children

The C2C computer lab has been a beacon of empowerment,to benefit 3,072 children by 2030, we've trained 78 adolescents aged 10-19, equipping them to address violence and abuse. One of our beneficiaries shares her excitement about enrolling at C2C, highlighting the transformative impact of digital education.

C2C Digital Skills Training: A Continued Mission

Looking ahead, our upcoming C2C Digital Skills Training aims to empower 32 children every month in Lungi and its surrounding villages. The focus is on imparting vital computer skills, including MS Word and Publisher, with the common purpose of addressing child violence through digital literacy. This journey of empowerment is set to continue until 2030, with the ambitious goal of training a total of 3,072 children.

C2C-TV: Amplifying Children's Voices for Change

In March 2023, with the invaluable support of Prof. Lucien, we launched C2C-TV—a local platform with a powerful vision to amplify children's voices. Stemming from the C2C community support group, our mission is to provide tools and platforms that enable children in unreached areas to share their experiences and concerns related to violence with other collegue children, school pupils, studnets and teachers

C2C-TV utilizes smartphones to facilitate discussions and interviews on critical topics, encouraging school children to share their experiences on issues like corporal punishment, bullying, sexual harassment, intellectual punishment, emotional abuse, neglect, children's rights, and responsibilities.

Join Us in Driving Positive Change

We invite you to explore our transformative initiatives and stay tuned for updates in our newsletter. Your support is crucial in our mission to create a brighter, violence-free future for children in Sierra Leone. Watch some of our featured content on C2C-TV and join us in driving positive change.

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