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In our ongoing dedication to safeguarding and celebrating the dignity of every child, we present a carefully curated list of resources to deepen your understanding of this vital subject. Explore the following materials to gain insights into children's dignity and discover practical ways to ensure its preservation:


  1. Teaching Catholic Kids - Human Dignity

  2. Focus on the Family - Raising a Child of the King

  3. Hamilton Community Preschool - Life at Hamilton Community Preschool


. Quran Explorer - Rights and Dignity of Children in Light of Sunnah and Quran

  1. Islam Religion - What Islam Says About Children

  2. - Prophet Muhammad's Kindness and Love for Children

Worldly Perspective:

  1.  Humanium - Life - Humanium

  2. Children's Rights Education - Right to Dignity

  3. Children's Rights Education - Dignity

  4. ResearchGate - Exploring Children's Dignity: A Qualitative Approach

  5. ResearchGate - Uphold Child Dignity in Primary Education

Scientific and Academic Perspective:

  1.    . Tandfonline - Children’s Dignity in Research

  2. PhilPapers - Human Dignity and Autonomy in Childhood

  3. PACES Connection - Human Dignity and Childhood


  1. . Compassion - What the Bible Says About Children

  2. Langham Literature - God’s Heart for Children

Lucien Lombardo's Directory:

Lucien Lombardo - ODU Directory

Feel free to explore these resources to enhance your knowledge and contribute to the promotion of children's dignity.

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