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Empowering Women and Girls Through Film Editing:

FilmFemmes stands as a groundbreaking initiative committed to providing women and girls with the transformative ability of film editing. Our profound mission is rooted in empowering individuals with the expertise to shape impactful narratives, amplify their voices, and advocate for positive change through the captivating art of storytelling. By joining us, you become part of a movement that sparks creativity, empowers voices, and cultivates meaningful change, frame by frame. Engage with us in this journey of empowerment, where women and girls take the reins of storytelling to create a lasting impact on society.

Here's a breakdown of essential equipment and estimated costs:

  1. High-Resolution Monitor: Approximately $400 for a quality monitor suitable for detailed video editing.

  2. Editing Computer: Around $400 can provide a reliable editing computer, such as a Dell system, capable of handling video editing software.

  3. Video and Photography Camera: For a professional camera like the Canon 6D or 7D, budget around $500.

  4. Professional Editing Microphone: Allocate about $30 for a good-quality editing microphone to capture clear audio.

  5. External Hard Drive: Plan for $150 to acquire a 2TB external hard drive for storage and backup of video files and project data.

Donations and Sponsorships:Participate in Events:Contact our Sierra Leone lines +23299853572/+23272061676/+23233308452 Email: futureleadersinitiative6@gmail.comHead of C2C [Saffiatu Barrie} barriesaffiatuflisl@gmail.comFounder and CEO [Ibrahim] US and other Countries contact: +1908310-1508Email Isle Polonko Email: Professor Lucien Lombardo

External Hard Drive
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