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The Pens Up Canes Down Initiative traces its roots back to an incident on August 18th, 2021, when the CEO, Ibrahim, overheard the distressing cries of children from an unfinished building in his community. Investigating further, he found that the children were undergoing corporal punishment during a summer class for failing to complete assignments or arriving late.

In response, CEO Ibrahim initiated the Pens Up Canes Down movement, dedicated to promoting education and eradicating all forms of corporal punishment. He proposed the "Stars of the Week and Month School Challenge" to the teachers, encouraging positive behaviors among students. This initiative, marked green for its ongoing success, rewards pupils for completing homework, punctuality, assisting peers, and maintaining cleanliness in the classroom.


To sustain this challenge, school learning materials like books, pens, dictionaries, etc., are essential. 
In addition to the "Stars of the Week and Month," the Pens Up Canes Down Initiative encompasses other sub-initiatives marked green for their current implementation: Check this out!

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