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Strong Start Scholarship for Girls and Boys in Need 


Join us in making a difference through the Strong Start Scholarship – an initiative by Future Leaders Initiative SL. This transformative project targets underprivileged students in villages, slums, and unreached areas where educational resources are limited. Aligned with our C2C community project, this scholarship is a light of hope for those facing educational barriers.


The Strong Start Scholarship aims to empower talented and deserving girls and boys hindered by educational obstacles. Through educational aid, mentorship, and resources, the program seeks to unleash their full potential and propel them towards their academic goals.

Program Features:

  1. School Learning Materials: Your support provides school materials and covers educational expenses for ten students every 10 months, ensuring academic thriving.

  2. Mentorship: Connect scholarship recipients with experienced professionals for guidance and inspiration throughout their educational journey.

  3. Resources and Support: Offer academic counseling, career guidance, and capacity skills development workshops to equip students for success.

  4. Free Digital Education: Grant beneficiaries access to free digital education at the C2C Community Support Group lab, fostering online learning resources within the community.


The Strong Start Scholarship aspires to create a generation of confident, educated, and empowered individuals. By breaking down barriers to school learning materials and providing comprehensive support, we aim to foster positive community and societal contributions.

Implementation and Partnerships:

Launched on June 16th, 2023, the scholarship program collaborates with educational institutions, community organizations, and stakeholders. Partnerships with community schools to ensure a seamless selection process and effective scholarship delivery.

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