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The mission of FLI SL is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, PROMOTE, and PROTECT children, women, and girls against violence in schools, homes, and communities by providing them with necessary skills, knowledge, and platforms through community advocacy, media, and technology.


We envision creating an environment free from all forms of violence against children, women, and girls


Leading the way for the next generation to achieve its sustainable development through education and empowerment


We aim to protect, promote, empower, and educate every young person about their human rights, their responsibilities, and the rights of children irrespective of race, tribe, religion, or ethical background



Our unwavering commitment is directed towards the well-being of children, women, and girls, recognizing the transformative potential embedded in their narratives and voices. Our primary goal is to empower them to contribute significantly to the development of their communities and the nation as a whole, staunchly safeguarding their dignity and human rights.


Education stands as the cornerstone of our organization, representing the pathway to socialization, peace, and awareness. We cultivate an inclusive environment that grants vulnerable and less privileged young individuals access to quality education.


Upholding the principle of equality is fundamental to our organizational ethos. We ensure impartial treatment for everyone, both within and beyond our community, providing equal opportunities for individuals to maximize their potential.

At our organization, we staunchly condemn violence, bullying, discrimination, and provocation, seeing them as incompatible with our ethical standards. Our  commitment is to foster an environment where peace and love prevail, guiding humanity toward a path of enlightenment.



Placing our trust in passionate hearts and strategic plans, we aspire to journey extensively, bringing about transformative change in the lives of the underprivileged.



 • Providing child-parenting education to parents, child caregivers, and whosoever is dealing with children to promote better parenting practices. (SDG 3)

• Providing human rights education to parents and children for a better understanding of their fundamental human rights to enhance their capacity to fight against all forms of injustice around them. (SDG 4)

• Connecting missing street children with their parents to ensure that they are not left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. (SDG 16)

• Providing parents, families, and communities with counseling support to help them address challenges that they may be facing. (SDG 3)

 • Providing leadership skills training to young people through our online and offline webinars, workshops, and conferences both local and international. (SDG 4)

• To promote and retain the beauty of youth/childhood life for children. (SDG 5)

• To create an atmosphere conducive to the promotion of peace.

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Approach to Ending Violence
At Future Leaders Initiative SL, we've meticulously crafted a comprehensive approach to end violence against children, spanning schools, homes, and communities. Our multifaceted strategy encompasses:

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GIVE TODAY TO HELP End Violence Against Children In Sierra Leone

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